Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chitty Chitty

I signed up for yoga yesterday. hahaha. I'm gonna give it a try. The last time I did yoga was when I was preggers with Zoe over 6 years ago and I thought it was weird when I looked around the room and saw 12 pregnant women besides myself sitting quietly in a dimly lit room breathing and doing kegels silently. I mean we're all sitting there tightening our vaginal muscles, together, as a group. I remember going home and C was like "So how was yoga?" I casually answer "it was ok. we're all sitting around flexing our vaginas. all of us. together. silently. flexing. our cootie." So this past weekend I went out and bought some new yoga capris, a couple of boob supporting sports bras, and a yoga mat. I was excited to go cause it's like the first time I'm doing something for me. I mean yeah I've walked the track behind Shop Rite but it's not the real deal till you hand money over to someone to make you think you're OFFICIALLY doing something for yourself. Before I left Kayden cried and boa constrictered himself around my right leg as I hobbled towards the stairs to leave. Class was good. Ji Won Yeon's good. I had to glance over at her a few times. Sometimes the whole class would have their right leg up and I'd have my left one in the air. 3/4 in the class got hard. You had people standing on their heads. I couldn't even do the tree pose where you stand on one leg and your foot on the other leg had to be flat on your inner thigh. I kept pushing off a wall. The happy baby looked like a sexual position. I'm like "oh I could do that, easy!" haha. And the teacher would say the yoga pose that you're supposed to do like "shavasana" and I'm looking around clueless thinking "hakuna matata. mekka lekka hi mekka hiney ho. chitty chitty bang bang." Listen lady, we don't all speak yogean. So I just looked over at Ji and copied her. And when the whole class started to "shanti, shanti, shanti" I almost laughed. Ji already warned me before class that the class chants and told me not to laugh ahead of time. The only problems I had were the position where you're upside down or facing down like the downward dog. I get nauseous when I'm upside down. Plus that had incense burning and I HATE incense with a passion so when I'm already nauseous from doing 10 downward dogs and 5 hakuna matatas I feel really sick that I can only focus on the stink of the incense. I'm gonna stick it out though. I left feeling good minus the dizziness. I also wanted to thank the hubs about buying me my workout stuff. He's really good about that. He'll see a site open as he walks by me on the computer and say "do you want me to buy you those sneakers?" "do you want me to buy you that hat?" I think if I had the LV site open he'd just walk on by (cue in Dionne Warwick's song "walk on by"). Honestly thanks hun. He bought me $50 capris at Dick's and a $30 mat and then we went to Target and I saw $20 capris and a $15 mat. Why pay more right? So we drove all the way back to Dick's and he didn't complain once. Can't wait for tomorrow to do more chitty chitty bang bangs! I can do this (I'm gonna ask nicely if they could pass on the incense before class) but I CAN DO THIS!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hanging Out In Hoboken

08.04.13 // HOBOKEN

On Sunday we headed out to Hoboken to check out Pier C playground.  It's pretty nice and looks fairly new. It's been a while since we've been to Hoboken and we went the day before because C needed to check out a specific store. While walking around with the kids we happened to stumble upon this playground. C was already done with his errands plus it was way past their dinner time. So we promised them we'd come back the next day.

The weather was GORGEOUS and it was just such a nice day to walk around.  After lunch on our walk back to the car we let the kids play at Stevens Park where Zoe met a new friend while Kayden ran around the park chasing pigeons. I swear, he's like a little chihuahua.

Zoe can now ride her scooter like a pro!
Kayden let me taking a jumping shot of him.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Day @ The Beach

07.18.13 // ASBURY PARK

We had some very special guests visiting us. My sister, Hannah, and her family were visiting from Vietnam. We were all excited to see how much cousin Matilda had grown since we saw her last summer. On this particular super hot day we took them to the beach. I swear, you could be sweating like a pig but as soon as you put just your feet in the water your whole body cools down. The kids had a blast and we even spotted a sting ray RIGHT BY US! Matilda passed out shortly after we got there but woke up in time to play with her cousins. And we even tried the Mogo Korean taco truck before we headed home. My FIRST Korean taco.

I have to say it was a pretty perfect day.

Kayden was actually listening to Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' by himself here while waiting for everyone to get back from washing up. He digs her musical abilities.

I was actually cracking up when I took this shot because the kids were laughing hysterically when C was literally dragging them out.

On the last shot, the kids were deciding who gets to hold which shells. It was a very serious discussion.

(LOVE Matilda's harem pants)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lily's Amazing Playhouse

07.14.13 // LILY'S PLAYHOUSE

This past weekend we down to my mom's house since my sister was in town from Vietnam. While there the kids played with my mother's next door neighbor's daughter, Lily. She was so sweet and was so excited to see all the grandkids visiting next door. She invited the kids to come play in her playhouse. I went and when I saw the playhouse I was sooooo jealous. Her dad built it from scrap wood and used salvaged finds on Craig's List. He said it took about a month to build. He's pretty much done but is thinking about putting a trap door on the floor. I. Loved. It. Like L.O.V.E.D!  (It even has a 2nd floor, a roof deck, and a bay window!)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Graduation Day!

So bittersweet. The ceremony was for just parents so we had to leave Kayden at home with his aunt. After the ceremony we went to East to celebrate and then took the kids to Turtleback Zoo. We're so proud of much she's grown and the person she's coming to be. I feel like it was just yesterday I was holding her at the hospital....

Friday, January 18, 2013


What the heck?

Kayden is well..he's Kayden. Hahaha.... He is the most annoying person to his sister at times. He now gives us a time limit and if we don't do whatever it is that he wants (mind you he doesn't tell us what he wants from us) at the end of counting he'll yell out "time out." Like "eight, nine, ten, time out mommy!" Not amused little boy. He'll say "COME HERE MOMMY!" and when I don't come he'll start his count down..."eight! nine! ten! TIME OUT MOMMY!" I own you boy. He also likes to do things on his own. FOR EXAMPLE, the other day I noticed that he took off one of his socks. It was under his train table so I reached under and got it. Punk snatched it from my hand and threw it back under. Then he reached under, grabbed it, handed it to me, and said "Here mommy." Not amused little boy. Or we'll come home from going out and I'll take his jacket off and hang it on the hook. He'll start crying that he wants it. SOOOO I hand it to him and he hands it back to me right away and goes "here mommy." He can be such a little punk one minute and sooo friggin loveable the next. He asks for ''huuuuuuuugs" and out of the blue he'll just say "mommy keese (kiss)". I hear him singing the alphabet a lot. Grant it a lot of the letters are wrong but you can pick up what it is that he's singing. He got the dancing gene from his dad. Boy loves to dance. He is starting to play less with Zoe's girly toys but he has his moments still. Like last night he walked out of his sister's room carrying her Barbie and then they started fighting over it. Gosh. Good times.

I made Zoe a pair of paper eye glasses. She goes...
Zoe: People wear glasses when their eyes are bad.
Me: I know. So why do you need them?
Zoe: Oh cause sometimes in the morning my eyes are bad because they're not wide.
Me: Oh. Ok.
Zoe: *sigh* That's why I absolutely positively need these glasses.
Me: For sure.

Zoe was such a good baby when I look back. All the way up until she turned 2. Sooooo obedient. Like I think I could have made her fart on command. Now she's always testing us, talking back, and girl can just be sooo fresh at times. She is me....just more pint sized. Guhreaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I've already called my mother and apologized for however many years of hell I've given her. It's the right thing to do. Hahaha. I remember people were surprised at how clearly and how well she spoke when she was younger. We were really proud of our smart cookie. Now I can't even get a moment of silence. A moment! Sixty seconds is all I ask for people! Sixty seconds! Am I asking for too much? I think so. For the past 4 nights she slept in her bed....ALL NIGHT. Of course these accomplishments come with a price. Day one we owed her a new Leap Pad game. Day two it was a Leap Pad case. Day three another game. Last night C told her no more daily rewards and if she slept in her bed for a week she'll get a Dream Lite which is what she's been asking for FOREVER. She's been pretty good. A few times I'll hear her open her bedroom door and the pitter patter of her feet in the middle of the night. She'll make it to our bedroom door, pause, then it'll look like she's thinking about it to herself, and then turn around and go back to her room. I'm so so proud of her. Truly proud.

:: 12.31.12 :: Arts & Crafts


:: 01.08.12 ::IMG_7597-001

:: 01.15.12 :: Our New Growth Chart
IMG_7607-001         IMG_7612-001
IMG_7618-001         IMG_7625-001

Friday, January 11, 2013

World of Wings

I see anything (I don't see anything), why, mommy do it

The other day I was driving and the garage door control fell off my visor and I said outloud "What da?" and in the backseat I hear Kayden say "What. Da. Heck?"

Today one of the assistants at Zoe's school said...
"You wanna know what Zoe said? I asked her if she was a princess and she said "No. I'm just a regular girl...kind of like my mommy."

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted. I've been busy during the holiday season and then on top of that C got hit with the flu and then he passed it on to Kayden. The flu this season is no joke. Two of my sister's families got hit with it along with my other sister's boyfriend. It's been rough. The new year started off really rough. Kayden's ok now but he still has a minor cough and a runny nose still. Today he coughed and I saw string of lugie hanging out of his mouth and then before I could grab a tissue I saw him playing with it in his hands. So beautiful.

:: 01.05.13 :: World of Wings
This past weekend we went to World of Wings in Teaneck. It was ok. The space is really big. It used to be a perfume company. I don't know. I just didn't think it flowed well. I mean there's a large stuffed animal display and a bounce room and a room where it's got all this princess stuff. The cafeteria looked bare. The highlight for me was the butterfly room. I loved it. Everything was just eh. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that the space was so large they were just trying to think up of ideas to fill it up. I mean that's what it looked like. It does have a lot of potential.